Inspector Toolbelt

Simple Scheduling Software For Home Inspectors

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Inspector Toolbelt

Simple Scheduling Software For Home Inspectors

Welcome to Inspector Toolbelt!

Home Inspection Scheduling Software

Our home inspection scheduling software helps inspectors automate their business, keep in contact with clients and agents, and gives them time to do what they do best – inspect. Our software allows you to add basic client info, and then automatically uploads it to your Google Calendar, sends reminder emails to agents and clients, sends agreements for signatures, sends the report after the inspection, shows you and sends thank you and follow-up emails afterward. Keep in touch with agents, market your business, keep business records, and stay ahead of your competition with a simple inspector dashboard.

No Data Selling – Because we don’t have access to your client data!

Integrated with Google services, our software does not put your client’s info into someone else’s hands. Keep all your contacts in your own contact Gmail contact list and calendar. We can’t sell your info – because we don’t have access!

How It Works

Simple and Automated – Get your business going, and your life back!

How It Works

Simple and Automated – Get your business going, and your life back!


Step 1

You enter your client’s information and which agents are involved, as well as the inspection address.

Step 2

Inspector Toolbelt automatically enters it into your Google Calendar, sends reminders, inspection agreements, and more.

Step 3

After your home inspection, simply upload your report and it is delivered to your client and any agents you would like.

Step 4

Inspector Toolbelt sends follow-up emails, stores your inspection report, and keeps your business records for you – automatically!

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting For You!

With Inspector Toolbelt, you can focus on what really matters – inspecting. When your business is automated, it makes expanding and growing your business easier.

Now you can take control of your life and business with little effort and the low, fixed cost of $19.95 per month

With so much to offer, and a 60 day free trial, what is stopping you from running your home inspection business with Inspector Toolbelt?

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