​If you have your home on the market, you will know how much work this entails, but, you also know, that it will be worth it in order to get the best price for your home.  You will, no doubt, then want the home inspection to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  With that in mind, what are some ways you can assist the home inspector so that they can do their job thoroughly? Here are a few ideas:
Sometimes its just small, simple things that can prevent a home inspector from giving a full report.  For instance, make sure that light bulbs do not need replacing and that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors do not require new batteries. 
A home inspector will need easy, clear access to areas that are often used for storage like the basement and attic for example.  Try and have these areas cleared and make sure there are no locked areas that would prevent access.
Pets very often hinder a home inspection.  While they may normally enjoy access to all areas of the home, on the day of inspection, it would be best if they were in a secured area or kept away from the home.
You may have a list of repair jobs that you want to do to get ready for the sale.  Try to have these completed before the home inspector arrives for the inspection.  It would also be best to have any trees and shrubs that are too close to the house, trimmed back before inspection day. 
While these are just some simple suggestions, they will go a long way to making the home inspectors job easier and more thorough.  

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