​We are given many reminders on how important it is to frequently test the batteries in your smoke detector but, what else should we know about these life saving devices?  For example, how many should there be in a home? And what is the best position to place them?
Did you know that roughly 3,000 people die every year in the United States due to residential fires? That’s a substantial number.  Sadly, many of these deaths happen because the home did not have a properly functioning smoke alarm.  It’s clear to see the importance, then, of making sure we have the correct number of smoke detectors for our home and ensuring that they are well maintained.  Here are some things we should consider when it comes to smoke alarms.
Smoke alarms should be fitted on each occupied floor of the home, this would include basements and garages.  Since many fires happen when the homes occupants are sleeping, it is also best to have them in each bedroom or close to each bedroom, where they can be clearly heard.  They should be fitted to the ceiling or wall.  When fitting them to a basement ceiling, place them close to the basement stairs.  A very important reminder is to never disable the smoke detector, even if it is becoming annoying and going off when cooking is being done etc.  It is just too easy to forget to connect it again.
It is good for the family to be conscious of what to do in case a fire starts in the home.  Every so often, test the smoke detectors at night while others are sleeping to see if it effectively wakes up children and any members of the household, then educate them on what to do next.  Make sure the smoke detector warning sound is unlike any other sound in the house so that it is clearly identifiable.  Finally, make sure to test your smoke detectors at least once a month to ensure they are in good working order.

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