We know how vital safety in the home is, but were you aware that every year countless injuries are caused by improperly maintained automatic garage doors? It’s a good idea, then, to have a check of these doors periodically to ensure they are working correctly.  Although it’s important that a skilled professional is the one to fix your automatic garage doors, you as the homeowner can do some simple checks to determine if they are in need of work.  
Become familiar with the way these automatic doors function, after all they are one of the weightiest, objects that is constantly moving in our home.  They commonly have a spring-supported mechanism operated typically by a switch on the wall or a remote-controlled device.  There are a lot of moving parts to these mechanisms, so it makes sense that occasionally some of these parts will stop working.

  • Although this may seem like one of the most obvious safety steps, it is important that no one is permitted to walk underneath the garage door while it is in motion.  It can be very tempting to quickly duck underneath it, but while you might be ok, if your children are observing this, they may try it themselves.
  • Make sure any younger members of the household are aware of the dangers that could arise if they start playing with pulleys or strings attached to the doors mechanism. 
  • When performing your check of the doors, be sure to check that all the correct warning labels are in place and clearly visible.  
  • Do you and everyone in the household know where the manual release handle is for the automatic door?    
  • Have a thorough check of the framework as well as the garage door to see what kind of condition it’s in.  Make a note if it is showing sign of stress and wear, then call someone qualified to fix the problem, or ask them what you should do.  

Maybe this is a good month to perform your simple, automatic garage door check.  

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